History and Purpose

The Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance (HRPTA) was established in 1994 with two main goals: educate the citizens of Hampton Roads about the importance of public transportation, and secure a dedicated funding source for the maintenance and enhancement of local transportation projects. HRPTA believes that a strong public transportation system is essential to the vitality of our regional economy and will be a key element in helping maintain Hampton Roads’ competitiveness, productivity and quality of life.

Today, HRPTA remains focused on education and advocacy for a balanced, viable, multimodal transportation system supported by stable and reliable funding. If you believe that economic competitiveness, business productivity, and quality of life in Hampton Roads depends on finding new and more efficient means of moving people and goods, you are invited to join our broad-based regional network of organizations and individuals. Our goals are:

  • Educating the public about the importance of public transportation for improving mobility and promoting economic competitiveness.
  • Communicating to elected officials a unified message of support for improved and expanded public transit facilities and services.
  • Securing a dedicated funding source to assure maintenance of current service and to support local transportation projects.

Why Public Transportation?