“Easy Riding” on Public Transportation

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“Easy Riding” on Public Transportation

I was at a light near a bus stop on Jefferson Avenue in downtown Newport News and noticed nearly fifteen people waiting for the bus. What caught my eye was the people standing there were hot, wiping their faces and laughing! I was unable to hear what was said, because my windows were up, my air condition was on and I thought I was happy I was not one of them!

As I drove down the street I thought, regardless of standing in the heat people were interacting with one another and being very patient! Before this point I had disobeyed the speed limit and complained about how hot my car was when I entered it, also fussing to myself about other cars in my way!

Needless to say, I started to think about my days of riding mass transit while living in New York City. Thousands of New Yorkers road the bus and train. There was never a day when I did not socialize with a stranger, which lead to some of the best conversations to date. I met difference races, people with economic backgrounds, people working in white or blue collar positions and everyone was cordial…offering seats to pregnant woman, children and the elderly!

Public transportation is so important in society. Many people find public transportation easy (no gas prices, traffic or parking) to moving from city to city. Since I have not taken the opportunity to ride public transportation for many years, I might just take a moment to be “EASY”.

Sylvia Hill


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